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Multiple Site Plans

Purchase websites in bulk at a discount and resell them to clients or use them for your own business.

how it works

We are making it easier than ever to use Blossie Sites to both build and grow your web design business and also get your portfolio site completely for free! Our goal is to empower designers worldwide to design websites much faster and easier, with our set of tools and a team of experts’ help.

All your sites in multiple site plans will have access to our suite of tools including designs, plugins, and themes, as well as priority support and video tutorials. The best part – you’ll gain the ability to make money just by using Blossie Sites!

Sign up or Upgrade to a Multiple Site plan.
You invoice clients directly for platform costs.
start billing 2-3 clients monthly & become profitable!

Multiple Site Plans

With the multiple-site plan, you have the option to charge your web design clients whatever price you want for platform costs. This can even allow you to get a free website for yourself while giving your clients the best website tools out there!

Most Requested

$837€ $749/yr

best value

$1674€ $1,379/yr

Frequently Asked Questions

By offering multiple site plans, you have the convenience of directly invoicing your clients for their individual websites and creating more long-standing relationships. This allows you to continue bill clients for hosting and other maintenance services on a monthly basis.

Additionally, you can take advantage of cost savings through a price break, which is especially beneficial if you intend to use one of the sites for your own business or portfolio.

Furthermore, as long as you stay within the limits of your plan, you have the flexibility to effortlessly add or remove sites. This feature proves extremely useful when you wish to create test sites or experiment with different designs.

Yes! The final amount will be prorated and you will be billed the full amount the following billing period. If you find your balance is not automatically prorated, please contact us [email protected] so we can resolve the difference for you.

We would recommend using the method outlined here instead.

Yes, you can choose between annual and quarterly plans.

Because there is no trial for this plan, it is covered by our 14-day money back guarantee.

Because you are the one billed for the websites, there is no way to process a commission for this plan. If you want to sign up your web design clients via our affiliate program, please register for the affiliate program and use the method mentioned here.

If for any reason you do not fall in love with Blossie Sites, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for any site that is not attached to a trial plan. 

Please be aware that this is a subscription service. We do not offer refunds for renewed subscriptions.