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Use Blossie Sites for clients

*Note: If you are an Affiliate, please use your link to navigate to blossie sites first, then complete the steps.
  • Ensure that you are logged out of the Blossie Sites Platform. Open an incognito window and proceed to sign up below as your client. This will enable them to directly link their billing information for a seamless process.
  • When you finish entering the site details, add yourself to the account as an Administrator.
  • 14-day trial included so you have time to build out the site!
  • Your client receives access to our support and all member benefits!

Blossie Sites Membership Annual (For Clients)

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Frequently asked questions

Before launching, you will require a domain name, but it is not necessary to have one when you begin creating your website. When it comes to domains, we suggest using Google Domains.

Additionally, we advise having a collection of new photographs at your disposal, as having visual content readily available is always beneficial.

In order to transfer your content from your previous site to our network and create your site here, you will need to use the WordPress importer tool. If you are using Squarespace, you can use the “Export for WordPress” setting.

Once you become a member, our team is delighted to assess your previous site and provide you with valuable guidance on building your Blossie Site in a manner that effectively helps you accomplish your goals. And yes, we truly mean it!

No! Blossie Sites is a WordPress platform with all our favorite goodies built in, including hosting. This also means you won’t need to update your website or plugins. You’ll have access to a curated list of tried and tested premium plugins that we have licensed for this platform.

Totally! We have partnered with Shopify and with our integration you can connect your store (works with the $5/mo Shopify Starter Plan) and host all your products right on your main website.

You can even drag-and-drop the look and feel of your Shopify product pages with the tools available (Gutenberg, yey!) for a totally custom experience. Fun fact – you don’t even have that visual flexibility on Shopify itself!

You can totally import your Pages and Posts from another WordPress installation! Note that you will have to create new page layouts (you can’t migrate your old theme), instead, you get a large library of premium Kadence designs!

Yes! You can even register multiple websites on the Blossie Sites platform. If you are a designer first and would love a world where you never had to mess with code, this would be a great option for you.

Note that you will have to work with the Kadence theme, and you will be limited to our network’s premium plugin library. Nevertheless, our network has been established based on extensive expertise in designing and developing WordPress over the years. As a result, the plugins we have carefully selected are of the highest quality and are managed by our dedicated team. If there is a specific plugin that you consider essential but is not currently included, kindly send us an email, and we will thoroughly evaluate it.

Absolutely! Adding tracking codes is as easy as copy-paste. Our tutorials will show you how to do that.

In the event that you are not completely satisfied with Blossie Sites for any reason, we provide a 14-day money-back guarantee for all sites that are not associated with a trial plan. This ensures that you have the opportunity to explore our services risk-free.

Please be aware that this is a subscription service. We do not offer refunds for renewed subscriptions.