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Experiencing Issues?

To ensure, that you receive the best support possible, please follow the steps:
1. Clear your browser and website cache.
2. Something as simple as googling your issue + adding “Kadence” in the search bar might help you find the solution faster (i.e. forms not working Kadence).
2. Check our Tutorials, as most questions have been covered by our team there.
4. If steps 1-3 didn’t help, select the type of issue you’re experiencing to find a solution or get in touch with support.

Most common issues:

My website is slow
My images look pixelated and/or blurry
What are the recommended image sizes?
I have an issue with my emails not being sent/received

Wondering how to achieve a look outside of the theme’s functionality?

If you’re trying to modify the existing functionality or look of your website, and the option you’re searching for isn’t available as a theme default, we assume that custom code would be required to achieve this specific look/functionality you are going for. Our team would gladly help, though, please note an additional fee might be applied to bring your idea/desire to life. Before submitting your request, we’d recommend trying creating the desired block using Kadence Blocks.

Please describe your request to receive an estimate –

Interested in our products/ services but have a question?
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Only bug fixes related to Blossie Sites platform and products. Within the membership’s lifespan, our team supports issues related to our products. The fix can be applied directly to your website or can be solved in a future update.

Any questions related to achieving the demo layouts of your theme, small customizations, troubleshooting, bug fixing, answers, and guidance to questions about the features and functionality of your theme or included plugins.

The Support Care Packages don’t include Content Management, SEO, or Speed Optimization assistance.

Yes, though it’s important to note that solving a technical issue would usually cost around $39-$79, because one-time requests cover the hours of work spent to investigate and solve your issue.

The support subscription is not billed hourly though. It’s a care package that includes 60+ tickets. So given that you can submit up to 60 tickets with the $79/year subscription, in 99% of the cases it’s more convenient to prolong your support subscription, rather than pay per request.